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Tech Industry

Apple, MS cross divide

Apple and Microsoft: In North America, they're rivals. Abroad, they're partners.

Apple Computer and Microsoft: over here, they're rivals. Overseas, they're partners.

Starting September 1, the two companies will make nice in Europe by bundling Microsoft's Office for Macintosh version 4.2.1 on the Power Macintosh 8200/120 and 7600/132.

The Office suite contains Word 6.0.1, Excel 5.0, PowerPoint 4.0, and a client license for Microsoft or Quarterdeck Mail for AppleTalk networks. It will be available in Danish, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, and Swedish versions.

Microsoft (MSFT), which Apple (AAPL) chief operating officer Marco Landi called the company's largest software developer, will reciprocate by participating in joint promotional and training efforts.

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