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Apple may offer combined iOS and Mac apps next year

Applications that work with touchscreen iPhones or iPads as well as on Mac desktops and laptops could be coming in late 2018.

Are there changes in store for the Mac App Store?

Screenshot by David Carnoy/CNET

Apple's software landscape may undergo a seismic shift next year, according to a report in Bloomberg

As early as next year, Apple may allow developers to design a single application that works on both touchscreen iOS devices and Mac computers.

While the shift wouldn't impact iPhone and iPad users, who have access to an incredibly robust App Store, it could be a big deal for Mac users, who don't. 

Bloomberg says, "The secret project, codenamed, 'Marzipan,' is one of the tentpole additions for next year's Apple software road map."

The plan could "theoretically" be rolled out out Apple's Developers Conference next summer, according to Bloomberg's sources, but the situation is "fluid" and the project could also get scrapped. 

Apple doesn't comment on rumors of future product plans, but it would make sense for it to move its software development in this direction.

Whether it would be a precursor to touchscreen MacBooks is a whole other topic, but some people would like to see iPads and Macs fully fused