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Tech Industry

Apple may be considering a Northern Virginia campus

A new report says the tech giant is weighing whether to come to the state. At the same time, Amazon is considering building there, too.


At the Apple Park headquarters in Cupertino, California.

James Martin/CNET

The tech industry apparently sees a lot of what it likes in Northern Virginia.

Apple is quietly exploring plans to build a new 20,000-employee campus in the region, The Washington Post reported Wednesday, citing officials and real estate executives familiar with the discussions. Apple in January said it was planning on building a new US campus.

The interest comes just four months after Amazon put Northern Virginia on its list of 20 finalists for its own 50,000-employee second headquarters, dubbed HQ2. The DC Metro area, which includes tech-centric Northern Virginia, is often considered the leading contender for HQ2, since Amazon selected three separate sites in the region as finalists.

Tech giants like Apple and Amazon likely see value in going to the DC area to tap into the tech talent on the East Coast and build campuses closer to the US government's center of power, in hopes of gaining lucrative government cloud-computing or hardware contracts. But, with both tech titans potentially considering Northern Virginia, the state could find itself in the driver's seat, instead of having to pay a lot in incentives to attract the new development.

Apple didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.