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Apple makes time for QuickTime

The QuickTime multimedia development platform has been upgraded for Macintosh.

Apple Computer has just released an upgrade of its QuickTime multimedia development platform for Macintosh.

CD-ROM and Internet content developers can download a free release of QuickTime 2.5 from the QuickTime Web site. Changes and additions to the software includes support for the interchangeable Motion JPEG video compression format, which is designed to let users exchange M-JPEG files no matter what system they're working on.

The new version also comes with an expanded synthesizer library, with additional support for 128 MIDI instruments.

Quicktime 2.5 works with any Macintosh running System 6.0.7 or any later version, as well as DayStar Digital's Genesis MP multiprocessor Mac clone. A comparable update for Windows is expected later this year.

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