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Apple makes it official: Meet the iPhone 5

Taller, lighter thinner than its predecessor, Apple sticks with former naming convention in unveiling its latest smartphone.

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Heading into today's announcement, there had been no small amount of chatter about Apple's naming convention. Would the company drop its numbers in favor of calling it "the new iPhone?" This wasn't idle speculation. When Apple last refreshed its tablet computer line, the company decided to call it "the new iPad."

For a complete rundown of the new iPhone 5, see our accompanying post.

Among the features, Company vice president Phil Schiller, touting the new smartphone as taller, lighter and thinner than its predecessor, noted the following:

  • 18% thinner
  • 7.6mm thick
  • Made entirely out of glass and aluminum
  • Retina Display 326 pixels per inch (same as old model)
  • New screen comes with a 4-inch display with 16:9 aspect ratio and 1136 x 640 pixels
  • 44% more color saturation than iPhone 4S
  • Touch sensors now built into the display itself. Schiller says it's 30% thinner as a result and thus, less prone to glare
  • 30 pin to Lightning adapter will let users plug in 30 pin connector and use with a Lightning plug