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Apple makes a bunch of apps free for everyone

iOS and Mac users can now download iMovie, GarageBand and iWork suite without having to shell out for the app or a new device.


iWork documents on multiple Apple devices.


Hey, how would you like a copy of Apple's iMovie, GarageBand and iWork suite for free and totally legal?

Apple updated the apps on Tuesday, making them available for free to all iOS and Mac users. The apps were previously free to anyone who purchased a new iOS or macOS device in the past several years, but the update means a device purchase is no longer required.

Those interested in using the apps who hadn't purchased a device recently probably would have been on the hook for $9.99 per app and $19.99 for iWork, a suite of productivity applications that competes with Microsoft Office and Google Docs. It includes Keynote, Pages and Numbers.

Apple began giving away iWork and iLife suites in 2013 to buyers of new iOS devices, such as iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches.

Correction, April 19 at 6:40 a.m. PT: The applications included in iWork have been fixed.