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Apple Mac App Store serves up 100 million downloads

Apple breaks out the champagne to celebrate its Mac App Store hitting 100 million downloads, less than a year after launch.

It may be just under a year old, but Apple's Mac App Store has already hit the 100 million downloads mark.

The Mac App Store launched in January of this year, to go hand in hand with the App Store for the iPhone and iPad. It may be nowhere near the dizzying heights of nearly 20 billion downloads its mobile counterpart the iOS App Store is enjoying, but we reckon 100 million in under a year since launch is pretty good going.

The iOS App Store came as a revolution to mobiles, allowing you to download hundreds of thousands of games and apps to your phone in only a few taps of the screen. The Mac App Store -- while not quite a 'revolution' -- brings the ease of downloads to desktop computers.

It's not just Angry Birds fans pushing the numbers up though. The Mac App Store hosts thousands of professional-orientated applications for those poor folk who'd rather work than play daft feather-flinging games.

Apple won't have such an easy time of things when Windows 8 lands sometime next year as that too is due to get its own dedicated app store. When it launches, the millions of Windows computers across the world will have access to the store -- a significant draw for developers. Like the Windows Phone Marketplace, the desktop version will also allow you to try before you buy, a great feature on the mobile version.

Apple has done a great job bringing the App Store to the Mac and we look forward to seeing those numbers rise. What do you think of this milestone? Is it something to get excited about or do you think the future of computing lies in tablets and smart phones? Let us know in the comments below or over on our Facebook page.