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Apple let-downs: What we didn't get

Wireless streaming, stereo Bluetooth, iPod touches with GPS, syncing over Wi-Fi -- none of them were at last night's Apple announcement. What were you hoping for that didn't show?

It was very much an evolutionary step Apple took yesterday -- not so much like robot Kryten becoming human Kryten, but more like the existing robot getting a new head and a fresh set of nipple nuts.

We're not going to pretend the discontinuation of the larger-capacity iPod classic wasn't a bitter disappointment -- it's our favourite iPod -- but we appreciate it makes sense for Apple. And for the vast majority of people, 120GB -- the only capacity the classic will now be available in -- is easily enough.

So, no 200GB-plus iPod classic. But what else didn't we get? A big hope for us was wireless syncing on the iPod touch and iPhone. Or at least wireless updating of podcasts. Perhaps even podcast discovery and subscriptions on the wireless iTunes Store. No such luck.

We also didn't get a camera on the iPod touch. Good. It would've made things a little more fun, sure, but it would've added size, weight and most importantly cost. That would've given the iPod touch less of a competitive advantage over the increasingly affordable iPhone.

The iPod nano is the most popular iPod, but if you want more than 16GB of memory you either need a much larger touch, or a bulky classic. A 32GB model, perhaps in a single colour, would've been a nice bonus to take away from last night's event.

One feature we really wanted was the ability to stream content from iTunes over Wi-Fi to iPod touches and iPhones. Some might argue it's pointless, as everything is stored on the iPod anyway. But if, like many of us here, you have more content within iTunes than gigabytes on your iPod, it'd be a godsend. Niche, yes. Useful, very. Available, sadly not.

Finally, there isn't a GPS function within the iPod touch either. Again, it's not something we think would've been an oft-used feature, but someone, somewhere, would've made use for it, not to mention a built-in repository of Google Maps.

And let us not forget copy and paste, stereo Bluetooth and video recording for iPhone. Let us know in the comments below, or over in our forums, what Apple dreams you had shattered. -Nate Lanxon