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Apple lawyers: Watch Samsung handsets morph into iPhone

As the patent case between Apple and Samsung prepares to begin again today, Apple offers a compelling view of how Samsung's phones evolved.

Screenshot by Greg Sandoval/CNET

Apple has just released several exhibits that it plans to enter into evidence that allegedly show the evolution of Samsung's handsets before and after the launch of the iPhone.

Arguments in the patent case between Apple and Samsung were due to start again at 9 a.m. PT. Apple's lawyers are expected to hammer away at Samsung's contention that it was working on similar technology offered in the iPhone prior to 2007 when the iPhone was launched.

Apple's exhibits seem to show, however, that Samsung's phones didn't start taking on the same look and feel of the iPhone until 2010. Apple entered similar exhibits into evidence earlier but was required to change them after Samsung raised objections, arguing they give a false impression.

Samsung has acknowledged being inspired by the iPhone but has told the court that every electronics manufacturer, including Apple, is influenced by its competitors.

Below is a slideshow created from copies of Apple's exhibits.