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Apple launches WWDC app in time for big show

The free application includes everything from session videos to new information and maps.


Apple has launched its official Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) application for iPhone and iPad.

The free application popped up on Apple's App Store on Monday. The app lets conference attendees keep track of when and where sessions are taking place. It also offers up maps to help them find their way around the Moscone Center in San Francisco, where WWDC is being held.

For those who won't be in attendance, the app provides a way to watch daily session videos and get other information coming out of the conference.

Apple's WWDC event kicks off next Monday with a keynote by the iPhone maker. Apple is expected to show off new versions of iOS and OS X at the event. The company is also rumored to be showing off new hardware, though -- as always -- the company hasn't said what it has planned.