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Apple launches MobileMe Mail beta program

Apple is offering users the opportunity to participate in its MobileMe Mail beta program, which is now live on its Web site.

Apple launched a new e-mail beta program late Wednesday for users of its MobileMe subscription service.


The MobileMe Mail beta adds a number of new features to the service to help users take advantage of the service on the Web and on other supported devices like the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac, and PC.

The beta version of Mail sees the addition of widescreen and compact views, e-mail rules, single-click archiving, a formatting toolbar, and SSL protection.

E-mail rules setup at will propagate to all of the devices where you receive MobileMe e-mail. Because it's an IMAP service with push e-mail, all of the folders and rules that are setup online will automatically be setup everywhere.

The formatting toolbar is a nice addition for those users who send e-mail messages from the MobileMe online service. The toolbar adds features like the ability to bold or italicize text, change font color, and insert images.

The beta program is voluntary, and you must opt-in in order to participate. There is a "Request an invitation" link in the lower left corner of the MobileMe Mail Web interface. Users will receive an e-mail when they have been added to the beta.

Users can leave the beta program at any time and provide feedback from a link below the Mail folders in MobileMe.