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Apple launches free 24-hour music video livestream

Apple Music TV is pretty much what MTV used to be, according to Variety.

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Apple is leaning into music with Apple Music TV.


Apple apparently wanted its MTV and on Monday launched Apple Music TV, a free 24-hour livestream of music videos, live shows and other music events, Variety reported. People in the US can find it on the Apple Music app or the Apple TV app.

It started with a countdown of the top 100 most-streamed songs on Apple Music, Variety noted. On Thursday, it'll apparently go all Bruce Springsteen to celebrate The Boss' upcoming album Letter to You.

It'll premiere a pair of new videos on Friday -- - Joji's 777 and SAINt JHN's Gorgeous -- and plans to premiere new videos every Friday.

The company didn't comment on the service expanding beyond the US.