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Apple KB Update: MobileMe "iDisk full" errors

Apple has issued a small knowledgebase update on MobileMe "iDisk full" errors and related problems.

Apple has issued a number of iPod and iPhone related knowledgebase updates in the past week, covering topics on how to activate the iPhones and transfer data between them, or purchase content. On the Mac side of things, the only new article is one on MobileMe iDisk Full errors and related problems.

In brief, the article mentions that the iDisk is the backbone of the MobileMe services, and if you have trouble accessing your disk because it is too full then the other MobileMe services may also have troubles. As such, Apple recommends you keep a small amount of space free. This is true with any hard drive, and also extends to the iDisk.

Ways to manage iDisk space are to:

  • Move space from Email usage to iDisk usage
  • Delete unused items off the iDisk
  • Purchase more iDisk space

If you cannot see the calculated free space on your iDisk, or if it appears incorrectly on your system, try going to the MobileMe system preferences and changing the storage settings (ie, allot more to your email account), save the settings, and then change them back. Hopefully this will spur the iDisk to properly report used space again.

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