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Apple just made replacing your cracked iPhone screen more affordable

Update to AppleCare+ warranty lowers the cost of fixing a cracked screen to $29.


This just got a lot easier on your wallet to fix.

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If you worry about losing blood due to using an iPhone with a cracked screen because of the expense of replacement, Apple has some good news for you.

Along with the slew of products announcements Apple made Wednesday, the company quietly updated its AppleCare+ extended warranty plan for iPhones. As first spotted by 9to5Mac, Apple introduced a $99 flat fee for incidental repairs under warranty, replacing the previous $99 repair cost for current-generation devices and $79 for previous generation devices.

But instead of being stuck for $99, AppleCare+ customers in need of screen replacement will instead be charged $29. That will be good news for many as replacing cracked screens is one of the most common repairs arranged under AppleCare+.

The AppleCare+ plan will run customers $129 and cover two incidents of accidental damage, with screen replacement running $29 while all other repairs will cost $99, Apple said in its updated warranty.

Apple declined to comment on the move.