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Apple iTunes 10.5 now available, iOS5 later today

Last night Apple made available its latest iTunes update, which you'll need to update to iOS5. And it's not short of cool new features.

The iPhone 4S goes on sale on Friday, but before that an iTunes update is here ready for you to grab right now. And even if you're not too fussed about its new features, you'll need it if you intend to update to iOS5, which is coming later today. What a week for Apple fans.

The update went live last night and brings a host of goodies to iTunes users. Such as? Well, let's see…

iTunes in the Cloud is the main one. It lets you store in iCloud the music and TV shows you've bought, letting you access them at any time from anywhere, for no extra money. So if you want to show someone an episode you don't have to hand, you can get it again for free wherever you are, on your iOS device. And if you buy something from your computer, you can download a copy straight to your portable device without having to hook it up to your Mac. Nice.

The update also lets you sync your iOS device with iTunes over Wi-Fi, so again eliminates the need to plug it into your Mac, which is good news if, like us, you never have the right cable to hand. It's also essential if you want to sync your iOS device with iOS5, the major software overhaul that brings hundreds of improvements.

Some new security updates are also involved.

The full iOS5 update should come later today, so keep a look out. In the meantime you can get your iTunes update free here, or by going through the program itself. Let us know what you think of the new features, and how you're getting on, over on our Facebook page.