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Apple issues fix for MacBook trackpad woes

Firmware update now available for those who purchased Apple's redesigned MacBook or MacBook Pro and have been having problems with the glass trackpad on those systems.

If your new MacBook's glass trackpad was having problems recognizing your clicks, Apple has a fix available. Apple/Josh Lowensohn

Apple has released a firmware update for new MacBook and MacBook Pro owners bedeviled by their glass trackpads.

The update is designed to fix an issue with the new trackpads unveiled by Apple in October, which replace the traditional trackpad/mouse button combination with a trackpad that also serves as the button. The first few owners of those systems, however, reported a persistent problem in which clicks on the trackpad would not register.

Let us know if the firmware solves your problems or if you have any problems installing the update, which should be appearing in Software Update for owners of the new systems as we speak. Apple's release notes for the update can be found here.