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Apple is redesigning the App Store to make it easier to use

Apple's changing its App Store in its upcoming iOS 11 software in an effort to make it easier to use.

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Just in time for the iPhone's 10th anniversary, Apple's got a new look for its App Store.

As part of its upcoming iOS 11 software update planned this fall, Apple said it was changing the look of its App Store to make it easier to use and find apps.

The new look will include a "Today" opening screen, designed to help make finding apps more exciting and highlight stories about developers behind the programs, Apple said. The company is also creating a button just for games, which Apple said is the most popular part of the App Store.

The changes are part of Apple's iOS 11 software, which was also announced Monday and planned as a free update for this fall. So far, Apple's store counts about 2 million apps, more than 180 billion downloads and more than $70 billion paid out to developers. 

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