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Apple iPod update from Macworld

Apple iPod update from Macworld

OK, it's so predictable that it's not cool anymore except to Mac zealots, but Steve Jobs's "one more thing..." statement did not reveal a new iPod. In its place was the "man, my G4 PowerBook is a piece of crap" MacBook Pro announcement--cool stuff! But Steve did brag a bit about the current state of the world's most popular MP3 player, and here are the bits:

  • 14 million iPods were sold in the last quarter of 2005, compared to the 4.5 million iPods sold in the last quarter of 2004
  • 42 million plus: the total number of iPods sold so far
  • 32 million iPods sold in 2005 (!)
  • 850 million songs sold through the iTunes Music Store since its launch--that's 3 million songs a day
  • iTunes Music Store has an 83 percent market share for downloads, even with the presence of Napster, Rhapsody, Yahoo Music, and so on
  • 12 TV shows are available for download in iTunes
  • 8 million videos have been sold since the video iPod's October 2005 launch
  • Sports content such as Rose Bowl clips was added last week
  • Saturday Night Live skits were added today
  • iPod Radio Remote ($49) announced today
  • Chrysler is the first American auto manufacturer to integrate iPod support in cars
  • 40 percent of cars sold in 2006 will be iPod ready
  • New iPod A/V Connection Kit ($99) includes the Universal Dock, the iPod A/V cable, dock adapters, the Apple Remote, a USB power adapter, and a dock connector to a USB cable--basically all the things that the iPod should have shipped with. Still, if your iPod's going to reside in your living room, this is not a bad deal, since the power adapter, the dock, and the remote alone cost about $99.