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Apple iPhone X parody snarks at '$1,000 emoji machine'

Congratulations! Your new, crazy-expensive iPhone exists solely to animate poop emoji and suck out your soul.

Caution: some minor adult language in the video.

When Apple launches a new iPhone, we know to look to YouTube for a fresh wave of parody videos roasting the latest device. The cream of the crop after Apple's Tuesday announcement comes from Jacksfilms. The mild title, "iPhone X (parody)," does little to hint at the eviscerating humor to come. 

The video reimagines the Apple announcement event. It starts with a tribute to Steve Jobs and then quickly cuts to the face-controlled animated emoji part of the show, which was probably the silliest moment from the whole shindig. 

The Jacksfilms voice-over renames the smartphone the "iPhone Xmoji" and says it comes in two new colors: "You can't" and "Afford it."  

The parody quickly takes a detour to the dark side when it cheerily tells you how the Face ID technology sucks out your soul and uses it to power the phone. And, yes, there's a "Game of Thrones" Faceless Men reference to cheer you up. 

This isn't the first time Jacksfilms has taken aim at a big smartphone launch. The YouTube channel previously skewered the iPhone SE and the Galaxy S8

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