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Apple really wants you to buy things quickly

Commentary: In a series of new iPhone X ads, Cupertino shows how you can buy things in seconds with Apple Pay. But should you?


Apple releases new ad spots showing how quickly you can buy things on the iPhone X with Apple Pay.

Apple/Screenshot by CNET

Technology has made so many things easier.

Buying things, for example.

You can sit at home, unclothed and the worse for wear, and click your way to buying almost anything you want.

But what about when you're in a physical store? It must seem so old-fashioned. You might have to talk to people or, worse, stand in line. Who does that?

Apple understands your frustrations. Which is why it wants you to wave your phone like a magic wand in order to satisfy your purchasing cravings in an instant.

Cupertino has just released a series of blink-and-you'll-miss-'em new iPhone X ads that show you how short a time it may take from seeing something you crave and buying it.

In one spot, a pair of sneakers is eyed and bought in the time it takes many people to think about whether they like a pair of sneakers or not.

That's the joy of Apple Pay, in which your face is your ID. 

The same eye-opening trick is pulled with buying coffee. It's so quick that the barista doesn't have time to spell the customer's name correctly. 

Wait, they never spell names correctly, do they?

And what about buying groceries

Well, that's suddenly so quick that you have spare time to create art out of your purchases.

In the final ad, our intrepid purchaser doesn't even leave the house.

She desperately needs a grooming kit for her dog, so one arrives. Almost, it seems, a second after she's clicked on the "pay" button.

Of course, this is exactly what many people desire, especially in this splendidly exaggerated form.

They want to just click a button or wave their phone around and get exactly what they want, when they want.

The question is whether that's a good thing.

How many times have you craved an item, instantly bought it, only to regret it soon afterwards? 

Yes, you can return it. But that process always takes a little more time than the buying seemed to.

Still, you can see why Apple is plugging its service.

The company has largely succeeded in making the idea of unlocking your phone with your face a perfectly natural action.

The next step is to unlock the habit of buying with just one look. 

It eliminates the need for second thoughts. Or even first ones.

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