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Apple's iPhone 7 battery case: Same funky shape, reportedly 26 percent more power

Apple follows up last year's Smart Battery Case with an iPhone 7 version that packs in more charging juice.

Screenshot Gordon gottsegen/CNET

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus go on sale tomorrow, and alongside it, this year's iPhone Smart Battery Case, which will charge the iPhone from its own built-in battery storehouse. This year, the case will deliver 26 percent more charge than last year's version, according to MacRumors.

The phone accessory industry is big business -- a $24.35 billion industry according to website Statistic Brain. With cases making up 36 percent of that market, you're looking at roughly $8.7 billion at stake for case-makers fighting for the chance to protect or recharge your phone.

Unlike third-party charging cases by Mophie, Otterbox and Anker, Apple's own case uses the same Lighting cable as the phone rather than a separate Micro-USB cable. Because the iPhone 7 doesn't fit into cases made for the 6 or 6S, 2015's iPhone Smart Battery Case for the iPhone 6S won't fit.

Looking just like last year's model, the new Apple Smart Battery Case also retails for $99, £99 and AU$165, comes in black and white, and interacts with the Lock screen and Notification Center. It also still bears a resemblance to a certain citizen of Notre Dame. However, the biggest alleged change is the most important: more battery.

The iPhone 6S version offered an 1,877 mAh battery (which Apple touted as 18 additional hours of internet use via LTE), while the new iPhone 7 charging case includes a 2,365 mAh battery (or 22 hours of internet), according to MacRumors. This is about a 26 percent increase. Even on its own, Apple estimates that the iPhone 7 will last 2 hours longer than the iPhone 6S.

We don't know yet if the iPhone 7 Plus will get its own Smart Battery Case from Apple. Apple didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

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