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Apple iPhone 5C coming to UK 20 September for £469

The colourful, plastic iPhone 5C will be coming to the UK on 20 September, starting at £469 for the 16GB model.

Apple has thrown the curtains off the latest addition to its iPhone range. The 5C, as it's known, has a plastic, colourful body, and will be available to pre-order from 13 September from £469 for the 16GB model or £549 for the 32GB model. 

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So far, O2, Three and Vodafone have all confirmed that they'll be stocking the phone here in good old blighty. None of them were happy to discuss prices, plans or timing yet. None of the other networks have confirmed whether they'll also be stocking it, but you can bet your last penny that they will.

With its plastic back, the iPhone 5C was apparently going to be the most affordable iPhone yet. I personally wouldn't call £469 'affordable', but I suppose that depends on your outlook. It's at least cheaper than the previous iPhone 5.

Rumours about a plastic iPhone have been doing the rounds for a while and it seems they were pretty accurate. The 5C has a seamless polycarbonate back, in a garish rainbow of hues. Green, blue, white, yellow and red colours will all be available, although notably there's no black option for those with a more sombre outlook on life.

It boasts a 4-inch 'Retina' screen (read: high definition), along with Apple's A6 processor, which should keep things ticking along nicely. It's of course running on the latest iOS 7 software, which will also be available to download for existing iPhone owners from 18 September.

I'll be updating this article with more information on price plans as I get it. In the meantime, pop your thoughts below or on our Facebook page.

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