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Apple invests in better glass displays for future iPhones

Apple is giving glass-maker Corning $200 million as part of its $1 billion Advanced Manufacturing Fund.


A Corning employee in Harrodsburg, Kentucky.


Apple is giving display maker Corning some love.

The tech giant said Friday that it would give $200 million to Corning as part of its Advanced Manufacturing Fund. The money will go toward funding Corning's research and development and its glass processing.

Corning has been a critical supplier of Gorilla Glass displays to the iPhone, and the hope is that the funds will help spur the development of even tougher displays for future phones.

The Advanced Manufacturing Fund represents Apple's commitment to invest at least $1 billion in US companies to foster production and new jobs. Corning is the first recipient of that largesse.

The move comes at a time when President Donald Trump has been pressuring companies to invest in employees and facilities in the US.

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