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Apple 'investigating' store incident blamed on iPad battery

The Apple Store in Amsterdam was temporarily evacuated Sunday.

Preview of the new Apple Store in Amster

The incident took place at the Apple Store in Amsterdam.

Afp / AFP/Getty Images

Apple said Monday it's investigating an incident at the Apple Store in Amsterdam that led to a call to the fire service a day earlier.

Sunday's incident was first reported by Dutch outlet AT5, which claimed that an iPad had exploded in the store. It quoted a spokesman from the local fire service as saying the fire was likely caused by a "leaking battery pack."

"We're currently investigating the incident that took place at Apple Amsterdam on Sunday," a spokeswoman for Apple said in a statement. "Our staff were able to evacuate customers quickly and safely and the store re-opened shortly afterwards."

Amsterdam's fire service didn't respond to a request for comment.

The incident follows another evacuation this year at an Apple Store in Switzerland where an iPhone reportedly emitted smoke.