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Apple intros 'Try Before You Buy' on App Store

The free or "lite" versions of apps get a new category in the App Store.

Try before you buy

If the approximately 250,000 reviews of the Angry Birds game aren't enough to help you decide whether to spend 99 cents, head over to Apple's newest category on the App Store: Try Before You Buy.

Apple recently introduced the category, which brings together the free or "lite" versions of some popular iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad apps, perhaps for those who may experience app-buyer's remorse.

The move to surface these free trial apps is being interpreted by some as a way for Apple to show that it's unnecessary to jailbreak an iPhone to use pirated apps for free before buying the full version.

Last week the U.S. Copyright Office amended the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to allow individual owners to jailbreak their phones, which involves modifying the software in a way that breaks the copyright protection.

Apple reiterated that even though it's not illegal, jailbreaking breaks its warranty agreement with customers.