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Apple introduces pretty new Shuffle colors

Apple's least exciting announcement of the day is the 3rd-gen iPod Shuffle.

Ina Fried

It has to be said that the least exciting of today's Apple announcements is the one regarding the new iPod Shuffle. The newest version of the tiny, clip-on flash player offers the same 1GB capacity, the same $79 price tag, and probably the same unimpressive sound quality. And yet, I'm kind of taken with the new array of colors. As expected, the Shuffle now comes in the (Product)RED variety, but Jobs has also traded out the bright, metallic paint jobs for more subtle, pastel--but still metallic--ones. You still get silver, along with three more cool, subdued shades: periwinkle, turquoise, and jade. Totally appeals to the girl in me. These new Shuffles are expected to go on sale today.

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