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Apple In-Ear Headphones: We hear good things

Our unfathomably attractive colleagues in the US have got a pair of the brand-new dual-driver Apple earphones -- apparently they don't suck as much as the ones that come with iPods

We've got some interesting news for you today. Remember the tablet form-factor Mac we talked about last year? Yeah, it's not about that. It's about the dual-driver Apple earphones Steve Mobs announced back in October. Our buddy Donald Bell at CNET in the US got hold of a pair, and seems pretty impressed.

If you haven't noticed, compared to even a cheap pair of upgrades, the bundled headphones you get with iPods are about as pleasant to listen to as a human skull being curb-stomped. So Apple did the honorable thing and designed a higher-end set for anyone who wants better quality audio, without sacrificing the white and grey look of the stock buds that some people seem to adore.

In each earphone are two speakers: one for bass, one for treble. Generally this produces a more defined sound, and is a technology used by many high-end manufacturers such as Shure, Klipsch and Jays.

Donald offered some helpful words to describe his time with the new 'phones in his piece. Such words include, but are not limited to, 'worthwhile', 'buttery', 'pleasant' and 'however'.

But these earphones also offer enhanced compatibility with both the original iPhone and iPhone 3G. An inline remote lets you skip tracks, play and pause, adjust volume, answer calls and even functions as a hands-free headset thanks to an integrated microphone. With the iPod touch, they only work as headphones, and not even the volume control can be used.

We're expecting an update from Apple UK, but when we spoke to a representative this morning, we were told there are none available in the UK yet. According to the Apple store, you can expect delivery in two to three weeks if you order now. They cost £54 and we'll have a full review and our own hands-on faster than you can say 'check out my personal blog on CNET UK'.