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Apple ID and iCloud get 2-step verification for extra security

The two-step process means you'll have to enter a code that gets texted to you, as well as your password.

Apple has added two-step verification to Apple ID and iCloud accounts, icing its password-protected cake with an extra layer of security.

If you opt in to the new security measures, you'll need to enter both your password and special four-digit verification code before you can log in to iCloud or purchase apps from a new device.

That code will be sent to a trusted device that can receive Find My iPhone notifications or text messages.

The system makes it tougher for people to sign into your Apple account remotely. Without two-step verification, anyone who has access to your email address and password could sign in from another computer, buy apps and even wipe your devices remotely.

When you sign up, you'll be sent a 14-digit recovery code to deploy if you lose your device or forget your password, check out Apple's Support page more more detail.

The two-step process isn't entirely bulletproof however, as if you own an iPhone, you're likely to make it your trusted device. If anyone made off with your mobile and knew your password, they could be sent the precious four-digit code and sign in to iCloud online.

It would stop any old so-and-so from remotely logging in to your account online however, or logging in on another iPad or iPhone and downloading loads of pricey apps.

Facebook and Gmail both already offer SMS-based two-step verification. Twitter notably doesn't, making micro-blogging profiles easier to hack, as happened to the BBC Weather Twitter profile yesterday.

Will you enable the two-step verification system? Or do you feel secure enough already? Let me know in the comments or on our Facebook wall.