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Apple Hosts iPhone Tech Talk World Tour

Apple Hosts iPhone Tech Talk World Tour

Apple will be hosting free iPhone Tech Talk's starting later this month and continuing through December. The talks will be hosted by Apple engineers and technology evangelists in the US, Europe, India, Asia, and Australia. Apple representatives will discuss and provide guidance in user interface design, game design, code optimization, web and custom Apps for businesses and make themselves available to answer questions about software development on mobile devices.

You have to be a registered iPhone Developer in order to attend these sessions which you can sign up for online. The sessions will be held in the following cities in North America; click the link above to see other locations around the globe.

  • Oct 22 San Francisco
  • Oct 24 Los Angeles
  • Nov 03 Austin
  • Nov 05 Chicago
  • Dec 02 New York
  • Dec 04 Toronto
  • Dec 09 Seattle

The North American agenda could be likened to WWDC; but it's smaller and it's free. There are several tracks: Introduction to Objective-C and Cocoa Touch, iPhone Development Tools Overview, Basic and Advanced UIKit and Device Features, iPhone User Interface Design, iPhone Game Development Technologies, Maximizing Your Application's Performance on iPhone, and Submitting to the App Store using iTunes Connect.

Another track focuses corporate development, including the sessions Getting started with iPhone Web applications, Using Advanced Web Technologies on iPhone, Integrating iPhone with IT, and In-house Application Development for iPhone.

In other regions, a reduced session outline will be presented. Apple warns that seating is limited and so it's recommended that you sign up as soon as possible. WWDC in 2008 was the first WWDC to have ever sold out so you can expect that these sessions will also fill up quickly.