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Apple hits record revenue per store visitor, says analyst

During the first quarter, Apple stores took in $57.60 per visitor, setting a record, says mobile analyst Horace Dediu.

Apple Store in Paris
The Apple Store in Paris Apple

Apple stores continue to outpace the rest of the retail industry in sales per customer.

The company took in record revenue per visitor of $57.60 during the first quarter, mobile analyst Horace Dediu said Monday in his Asymco blog. That's up from $51.75 per visitor in the first quarter of 2012.

At the same time, the number of visitors rose by 7 percent from the prior year's first quarter. And the average revenue per Apple store reached $13 million for the quarter, its highest number ever for a non-holiday quarter, Dediu noted.

The average number of visitors per store hit 250,000 per quarter (averaged over the prior 12 months) -- a healthy leap from 170,000 visitors per store per quarter three years back. More space in new stores and renovations in older stores may be the reason behind this jump in visits, Dediu speculated.

Looking at sales per square foot in the United States, Apple did twice as well as second-place Tiffany and three times as well as third-place Lululemon Athletica.

Overall, Apple stores are now ringing up a profit of around $12 per visitor per quarter, Dediu added.