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Apple hires LG's OLED expert, iTV rumours set back in motion

Apple is reported to have hired an expert in OLED screens. Could he be set to work on the company's rumoured TV?

The rumours concerning Apple working on a TV set have gone a little quiet of late, but this is sure to stoke the coals. Apple has hired an expert in OLED screens who previously worked at LG and Samsung. Now why would it want him I wonder?

The man in question is Dr. James (Jueng-Gil) Lee, 9to5Mac reports, citing the OLED Association. Lee was previously a senior researcher on LG Display's R&D team, and before that, he was a researcher with Cambridge Display Technology. Prior to that, he was the head of R&D for LCD technology development at Samsung. In other words, the man knows his televisual onions.

Lee brings a wealth of experience to Apple, both in terms of developing technologies and on the business side. According to his LinkedIn page, he "successfully started the first three generations LCD production lines" at Samsung, and also "showed track of records in yield improvement, productivity improvement, manufacturing cost reduction and new technology transfer into production line."

The OLED Association reckons Lee knows more about OLEDs than "any of Apple's current staff".

Apple is rumoured to be making a TV that'll pack AirPlay for wireless streaming, a FaceTime camera for video calls while slumped on the sofa, and Siri for voice-controlled channel changing. Expect apps to play a big part too, not only for channels, but also with widgets that'll give you info like news and the weather. The TV set could also come with Kinect-style gesture controls, meaning you wave your hands to change the channel and volume, which would be very Minority Report.

The "iTV" is rumoured to be released around the end of this year, so expect plenty more leaks and conjecture before then.

Do you think Apple will make a TV? What would you like to see from it? Let me know in the comments, or on Facebook.