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Apple gets Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 yanked from IFA, banned in Germany

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 has been yanked from IFA and banned in Germany, with Apple winning an injunction against the new tablet.

Samsung has yanked the Galaxy Tab 7.7 from demo stands at the IFA tech show in Berlin after Apple administered the legal smackdown to Samsung's newest tablet, which boasts a 1.4GHz processor and a 7.7-inch Super AMOLED Plus display.

Two days ago Apple won an injunction against the Tab 7.7, Bloomberg reports, preventing any sales and marketing of the new Honeycomb tablet in Germany. Apple has already got the larger Galaxy Tab 10.1 slate banned in Germany, though previously it was banned across Europe.

"Samsung respects the court's decision," a spokesman for the company said, adding that the company thinks it "severely limits consumer choice in Germany".

We're feeling rather relieved that we already got our photos and hands-on with the Tab 7.7, as all trace that it was ever at the show appears to have been wiped out.

Apple has said Samsung is 'slavishly' copying its own products, right down to the packaging, but we had hoped that because it's considerably smaller than the iPad, the Galaxy Tab 7.7 might escape the jaws of Apple's legal team. However, it seems like getting the new tablet on sale is going to be a sticky affair after all.

We were hugely impressed with the Tab 7.7 when we got our hands on it a few days ago. Incredibly slim at just 7.9mm across and weighing only 335g, this Honeycomb darling blew our tiny minds with its brushed metal finish, 1.4GHz processor and big, bright screen. Our time with it was brief, but the thought of it not being available makes our hearts do a sad little flutter.

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