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Apple Genius Bar sign for sale on eBay for $6,000

You already know you're brilliant. Instantly promote yourself to Apple genius status with an official Genius Bar sign from eBay.

Genius Bar sign
Buy this Genius Bar sign for less than a gold Apple Watch. Maple Ridge Auction

You have an iPhone, a MacBook, an iPad, an iPod and an Apple Watch. You hang around at Apple Stores prodding the displays and wear Apple-blue T-shirts like store employees do. Your friends and family ask you for help every time something goes wrong with their gadgets. You might as well make it official and turn your living room into a Genius Bar with a $6,000 (about £3,970, AU$7,650) sign from eBay.

The auction from seller Maple Ridge Auction is for an official Genius Bar atom sign from a renovated Apple Store. The seller, based in Canada, says the unusual decor piece was a gift from Apple from several years ago. The sign was originally taken down to make way for a new design. Mounting pegs are included. There are a few small paint nicks, but otherwise the sign is said to be in excellent condition.

It would be really great if the sign magically conferred Apple superpowers on the owner, like the ability to replace a dying MacBook battery or send a bent iPhone 6 Plus in for warranty repair. The sign is most likely to end up hanging over someone's home bar. Instead of iPads and Airs, it will preside over piña coladas and cosmopolitans. But then, who hasn't been disappointed by the Genius Bar's lack of cocktails, lagers and wine?

This isn't the first time a Genius Bar sign showed up on eBay. One sold for a mere $600 back in 2013, though it didn't come with the "Genius Bar" text. This new auction just shows that gold Apple Watches aren't the only Apple items that can bust your bank account.

(Via Technabob)