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Tech Industry

Apple has some solar power it wants to sell you

A big fan of renewable energy, Apple is making plans to sell excess power generated by rooftop solar panels and hydrogen fuel cells at its new spaceship campus.


Making a big jump into renewable power, Apple last year invested $850 million in a California solar farm. That facility was supposed to provide enough renewable energy for Apple's new campus in Silicon Valley, all of its other offices in California, all of its retail stores in the state and a data center, CEO Tim Cook said.

Apple now has plans, according to and Bloomberg, to sell excess energy from the solar panels it's installing on the roof of that new campus, Apple Campus 2, which the company will move into next year.

The news comes thanks to a filing by subsidiary Apple Energy, which applied to the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to sell power from the Campus 2's solar panels and hydrogen fuel cells, plus other renewable energy facilities in Oregon, North Carolina, California, Nevada and Arizona.

Bloomberg notes that if Apple's application is approved, starting August 5 it will be able to sell energy directly to customers instead of through an energy utility. Google secured similar rights in 2010, the news agency said.