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Apple gathers a software harvest

The company's .Mac service reaps a small crop of subscribers compared with iTools. Meanwhile, the first update to Mac OS X 10.2, also known as Jaguar, is ready for market.

There's been no great rush to the .Mac online subscription service, which has met resistance from those accustomed to its free iTools predecessor. An update to Mac OS X 10.2 comes less than a month after Apple launched the software, also known as Jaguar.

Apple plays up .Mac subscriptions
The company says 100,000 people have signed up for the online service. That pales in comparison with the 2.5 million for the earlier, free iTools service.
September 17, 2002 
First Jaguar update poised to leap
Apple this week plans to release the first update to the recently released Mac OS X 10.2, also known as Jaguar, sources say.
September 17, 2002 

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Apple launches latest "i" software
update Applications such as iCal and iSync could be essential to spurring increased existing customer upgrades to Mac OS X, which some Mac developers claim is going too slowly.
September 10, 2002 
Is that a Mac in a penguin suit?
Aiming to capitalize on growing support in the open-source community, a Mac dealer starts selling Apple systems loaded with both Linux and OS X.
September 9, 2002