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Operating Systems

Apple fixes Mac OS X upgrade

The Mac maker posts a new release of the operating system--after an earlier minor upgrade caused some systems to have problems connecting to Ethernet networks.

Apple Computer on Friday posted a new release of Mac OS X, after an earlier minor upgrade caused some systems to have problems connecting to Ethernet networks.

The Mac maker said the new version of Mac OS X 10.2.8 includes an updated Ethernet driver for 450MHz and 500MHz dual-processor Power Mac G4 systems. Apple pulled the original system software upgrade shortly after its release last week, following complaints of networking problems.

Apple said the new software includes an updated battery status menu to better reflect the remaining battery life on PowerBook systems. The software has also been made compatible with the Power Mac G5; with the original version of 10.2.8, G5 customers were told not to install the software. The update is available for all customers who use the Software Update utility built in to Mac OS X, Apple said.

For customers who had already installed 10.2.8, Apple recommends installing the new version. The company has several suggested workarounds for Mac owners who still cannot connect their machines to the Internet to get the upgrade. The company recommends that customers try downloading the update to another computer and burn the installer program to a CD. They also can try using a hub rather than directly connecting to a broadband modem or use a wireless network to avoid the Ethernet connection problem.

Version 10.2.8 is the latest update to Mac OS X, which originally shipped in March 2001. The current Mac OS X 10.2 "Jaguar" version was released in August 2002, while another upgrade, code-named Panther, is due out by the end of this year.

Several Mac enthusiast sites reported this week that Apple has finished developing Panther, with the software reaching what's known as "Golden Master" stage, meaning that it is ready to be sent for duplication. An Apple representative would not comment on those reports.