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Apple financials reconfirm dominance

Apple sold 9.8 million iPods in its 2nd quarter, even though the product hasn't had a major update in more than a year.

The Q2 financial results that Apple reported today once again show how unstoppable the iPod/iTunes (and now iPhone) juggernaut has become.

Recall that Apple hasn't released a major new update to its portable music player since the iPod video and Nano models debuted in 2005. The 2006 updates were fairly minor, adding capacity but no significant new features. Even so, and with the iPhone getting most of the press and garnering the most excitement among the Apple hardcore, the company sold 9.8 million iPods in Q2, up from 8.1 million in the previous year. Add to that the 270,000 iPhones that the company sold in its first 30 hours on the market, and that puts the total over 10 million, in a non-holiday quarter. If there's a major iPod update in time for holiday 2007, I could easily see sales of iTunes-enabled music players cresting 150 million by year's end--and they just passed 100 million in April.

Who's going to challenge those kinds of numbers? Not Microsoft.