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Apple fanboys mercilessly tweaked in cider ad

Britain's Somersby Cider decides that it should attempt to tickle the ribs of Apple's faithful in a new ad. The difference between this cider and an Apple product? It works in direct sunlight. Ho. Ho.

The Genius, um, Bar. Somersby Cider UK/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

We're in an Apple store.

All the employees are terribly agitated. They're wearing green. Is it St. Patricks' Day? Not quite. It's a new ad -- sent to me by reader Marrec Selous -- that tweaks, pokes, teases, and tickles at Apple's softer parts.

The ad is on behalf of a British cider called Somersby. And the excitement within it mirrors that of an Apple product launch.

Yes, this cider has a new operating system: Pump.

Its wireless, comes in 16- and 32-pip, and it works in your normal docking system.

Oh, just watch the ad.

I suspect you'll either find it mildly amusing or remarkably not.

Some, though, will surely concentrate on the features of this Apple store and wonder whether Apple's lawyers will be observing frame-by-frame in preparation for hard-core patent-infringement suits.

Those with an especially sensitive approach to technology will notice the button-pushing of the iPad.

Who could miss the slightly less than oblique suggestion that the difference between Somersby Cider and Apple's magical revolution is that the former works very well in direct sunlight?