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Apple fanboy? Book your ticket for Prague

The newly opened Apple Museum in the Czech Republic's capitol claims to have the "biggest private exhibition of Apple's products in the world."


The newly opened Apple Museum claims to have "the most valuable and the most complex collection of computers from 1976 till 2012 and other Apple, Pixar and Next products."

Apple Museum

The best place to see Apple and Steve Jobs memorabilia may just be...Prague?

That claim surprised us, too, but the newly opened Apple Museum in the capitol of the Czech Republic says it has the "biggest private exhibition of Apple's products in the world."

The museum stocks gadgets, clothing, photographs and other items from eight private collectors, said Cult of Mac. It even has glasses Apple co-founder Jobs wore during one of his keynotes, the site said, and the cafe's menu follows Jobs' raw, vegan diet. It has every iPhone ever created, every printer, mouse, joystick, piece of software and other gadgets. The only thing it's missing is an Apple Lisa 1 computer, which was damaged during shipping, Cult of Mac said.

Apple memorabilia have attracted big crowds and have gone for high prices before. An Apple I, for instance, sold for a whopping $387,750 in an online auction in 2013. Another sold that same year went for nearly $700,000. The computer was designed by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and built in Jobs' parents' garage in 1976.

The Apple Museum didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.