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Apple falls out of China's top 5 smartphone makers

Low-cost Chinese smartphone player Yulong debuts at third position in China's smartphone vendor rankings for the third quarter, pushing Apple off the short list.

Apple's iPhone

Apple dropped off the top five smartphone vendors in China in the third quarter, edged out by local low-cost smartphone player Yulong Computer Telecommunication Scientific, which made its debut at third place.

Citing research from Canalys, a Computerworld article yesterday reported that Apple had dropped out of its fifth placing to sixth during the third quarter. Apple's shipment share in the Chinese smartphone market dropped to 8 percent, from 9 percent in the previous quarter.

Samsung remained the top smartphone vendor in China with 14 percent share in terms of shipment, while Lenovo held on to second with 13 percent share, said the report. Yulong held about 10 percent share. Local Chinese vendors ZTE and Huawei took fourth and fifth positions also hovering around 10 percent each, she added.

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