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Apple falls into "build a better mouse" trap

Apple falls into "build a better mouse" trap

Did you know the Mac operating system has supported contextual menus (what Windows folks call "right-click menus") since OS 8.6? Yep. You just Ctrl+click to reach them. Yet, despite this capability, which persists to powerful effect in Mac OS X, Apple has refused ever to ship a two-button mouse. And it still refuses. Instead, in the oh-so-Apple way, the company has invented an all-new mouse, called the Mighty Mouse (do we smell a lawsuit?).

The new mouse looks like a standard one-click Mac mouse, but it has touch-sensitive sides so that it can detect a right- or left-click, and it features a tiny gray trackball that serves as a scrollwheel. Some other small buttons on the side, apparently, let you access features unique to Mac OS X Tiger. Why Mighty Mouse, instead of a standard, easily recognizable mouse with two buttons and some sort of pan-scrolling capability, the likes of which exist across the peripherals universe? Well, obviously, Apple says, those mice are too hard to use. Seriously. A mouse is so hard to use that you have to go and design a new, spectacularly unergonomic one with buttons in places mice have never had buttons, instead of just putting one extra button on the existing mouse? I will sincerely never understand this company.