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Apple en route to Intel Inside

roundup Apple Computer's transition to Intel chips and blasts from the past, featuring Michael Dell, Woz.

A trademark application points the way to Apple Computer's transition to Intel chips. Plus: Blasts from the past, featuring Steve Wozniak and Michael Dell.

Apple tries to patent 'tamper-resistant software'

As company prepares to shift to Intel-based hardware, it files to protect method of securing code to specific hardware.
November 9, 2005

Apple aims to protect Rosetta mark

Apple applies for a trademark for the translation technology that allows Mac programs to run on upcoming Intel-based machines.
November 8, 2005

Woz tells Homebrew how Apple grew

At the Homebrew Computer Club's 30th anniversary party, Steve Wozniak recalls building early Apples on the cheap.
November 7, 2005

Market growing for used iPods

iPod Nano and video iPod are expected to lead a surge of holiday sales for Apple. But not all of it will be to new iPod owners.
November 5, 2005

Xbox 360 and iPod interoperability? Sort of

Microsoft builds its iPod connection without the support of the folks at Apple.
November 4, 2005

blog CNET's Charles Cooper harkens back to when Michael Dell speculated on the demise of Apple. Oh, the reversal of fortune.
November 4, 2005

previous coverage

The brains behind Apple's Rosetta

A start-up supplies Apple with a crucial bridge for the move to Intel. But skeptics worry about performance problems.
June 8, 2005

Apple's switch: It's Intel Inside

special coverage After a decade with IBM, Apple is ready for Intel. But can Mac customers take another architecture shift?
June 7, 2005