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Apple designs that tug at our heartstrings

Or, how Steve Jobs banished beige, one computer at a time.

From Apple's ad, "Window Shopping." Video screenshot by Rafe Needleman/CNET

More than any design group at any computer technology company, Steve Jobs understands product design. Of course, all CEOs say they get what consumers want. But Jobs has a gift.

In addition to his taste (making products that appeal to people) and technical mastery (making products that work), he has an uncanny sense for imagining products that carry a powerful and unique emotional payload.

The itch these gadgets scratch is satisfying at a level below consciousness and intellect. But the products that reach iconic status don't all do it in the same way. They're not all Eames chairs: ever present and coolly smart. One Apple product can be implausibly beautiful. Another, retro without being twee. Another, playful. But usually not all at once, since that could be confusing, like a psycho lover.

Click on the slideshow below to see the five Apple products that most successfully tap into our emotions. And be sure to share your own thoughts (and feelings) in the comments section below.