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Apple, Dell join Foxconn in bid for Toshiba chip business

The highly coveted business makes memory chips found in phones and PC.


Apple and Dell may be interested in Toshiba's chip business. 

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Apple and Dell may be angling to get in on the flash memory business. 

That's according to China's Foxconn CEO Terry Gou, who told Reuters in an interview that the two consumer electronic companies have joined its consortium to bid for Toshiba's chip business. Toshiba is entertaining multiple bids as it looks to unload the unit to ease its financial pressure. 

Toshiba is the second-largest maker of NAND memory chips, also known as the flash memory in your phone or laptop. With the ever increasing popularity of those devices, there continues to be high demand for the flash memory over the older, bulkier disk-based hard drives. 

Spokesmen for Apple and Dell couldn't be reached for comment.