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Apple debuts new Mac Pro

Apple debuts new Mac Pro

After a few weeks of intense speculation about what would be launched at Apple's WWDC, we now know what's real and what rumors are still up for discussion. This morning, Steve Jobs opened with a new Mac Pro to replace the Power Mac G5 and brought out Phil Schiller to talk about the new system. The Mac Pro runs on Xeon Quad processors from Intel and also includes four hard drive bays, more I/O ports on the front, and a double-wide graphics card slot. It features Dual 2.66 dual-core Xeon chips and starts shipping today for $2,499.

10:19 a.m.: Just announced new XServe, running on Intel Quad Xeon, 5X the performance but $1,000 less. More new features: redundant power, flexible and configurable.

10:23 a.m.: Jobs is back onstage and talking about Mac OS X. Five major releases and now up to 19 million Mac OS X users. He thanks the developers for a smooth transition and pokes fun at Windows Vista. Introduces Bertrand Serlet to talk about software.