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Apple cuts prices in 4 lines

Prices are slashed across four product lines, including its Power Macintoshes and Performa desktops.

In a bid to move systems before the introduction of new models, Apple Computer (AAPL) has cut prices across four product lines, including its Power Macintoshes and Performa desktops.

The Power Macintosh is Apple's system for business and institutional users, such as publishers, engineers, and multimedia content producers. The Performa family is the company's consumer line for home users.

In addition to desktops, Apple has also reduced prices on its Network Servers and Workgroup Servers. The Network Servers use the Unix-based AIX operating system, while the Workgroup Servers use the Macintosh operating system.

At the low end, the Power Macintosh fell from $1,600 to $1,350, according to Apple. It dropped from $5,200 to $4,000 at the high end.

Models in the Performa line were reduced at the low end from $1,499 to $1,399 and from $2,199 to $1,799 at the high end.

The price reductions make way for new models with increased processor speeds and other enhancements.

Customers who purchase a Workgroup Server AppleShare bundle from January 7 are eligible for an upgrade to AppleShare IP 5.0 by submitting proof of purchase and $9.95 for shipping and handling, Apple said.

The AppleShare IP 5.0 upgrade promotion allows Workgroup Server customers to purchase Workgroup Servers at the reduced server prices announced today, and later take advantage of the enhanced networking and Internet features offered with AppleShare IP 5.0., the company said. The upgrade also includes Mac OS 7.6, and is planned to be made available to customers when AppleShare IP 5.0 is anticipated to ship in the first calendar half of 1997.

Estimated U.S. Retail Prices
Model Previous Estimated
Price Range
Price Range
Power Macintoshes
7200/120 $1,600-1,650 $1,350-1,400
7600/132 $2,300-2,350 $1,800-1,850
8500/180 $3,700-3,800 $2,700-2,800
9500/200 $4,200-4,300 $3,200-3,300
9500/180MP $5,200-5,300 $4,000-4,150
Macintosh Performas
6360/160 $1,499 $1,399
6400/200 $2,199 $1,799
6400 Video
Editing Edition
$2,699 $2,299
Workgroup Servers
7250/120 $2,800-2,900 $2,600-2,700
8550/200 $5,100-5,200 $4,500-4,600
Network Servers
700/200 $15,000-15,300 $11,500-11,800
500/132 $9,500-9,800 $8,700-9,000