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Tech Industry

Apple cuts PowerBook prices

PowerBooks are now up to 32 percent cheaper.

Apple Computer (AAPL) today cut prices by up to 32 percent on its PowerBook 1400 series of notebooks.

The PowerBook 1400s, first introduced in October of 1996, are Apple's notebooks for basic office productivity applications.

The PowerBook 1400cs/117 with 117-MHz 603e processor, 12MB RAM, and 750MB hard drive did cost $2,500 but will now be priced at $1,700. A model with a 6X CD-ROM is priced at $2,000, down from $2,900.

The PowerBook 1400c/133 with 133-MHz 603e processor, 16MB of RAM, 1GB hard drive, and 6X CD-ROM drive now costs $3,200 instead of $4,000.

The company is also cutting prices on its Performa 6400 and 6360 line of desktop PCs by up to $200. Apple intends to drop the use of the Performa name but until supplies are gone, the existing Performas will continue to be sold as entry-level computers.

Price cuts on the Performas are as follows:

  • A Performa 6400/180 with 180-MHz 603e PowerPC processor and 1.6GB hard drive is priced at $1,400, down from $1,600. The 6400/200 with a 200-MHz 603e and 2.4GB hard drive now can be had for $1,600 instead of $1,800.

  • The Performa 6400/200 Video Editing Edition includes more memory, the Avid Cinema card, and special software package. It was selling for $2,300 but will now cost $2,100.

  • The Performa 6360 with 16MB RAM, a 1.2GB hard drive, 8X CD-ROM drive, and 28.8kbps modem is now priced at $1,200 instead of $1,400.

    Apple said all the price cuts take effect on April 19, 1997.