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Apple could kill the iPod shuffle and classic

Apple may kill off its iPod shuffle and iPod classic devices, to focus on kit like the iPod touch and iPhone.

Apple might be about to give its iPod classic and iPod shuffle the Old Yeller treatment, killing off both products to give the iPod touch and iPhone more room to breathe.

Rumours of an iPod massacre have been doing the rounds for a while, but now TUAW says its sources reckon Apple will indeed be retiring two of its four iPod products, leaving just the iPod nano and iPod touch left alive.

Apple has an event lined up on Tuesday, where it's set to unveil the iPhone 5, so it could take the opportunity to wave a fond farewell to the bulky classic and the itty-bitty shuffle.

We'd be sad to see those two music makers knocked on the head, but the cold, emotionless robot bits of our brain say it would make sense. If the classic and shuffle were 'disappeared', all of Apple's mobile devices would use touchscreens. That would be very clean, and Apple is nothing if not an obsessive neat freak.

It's also worth noting that with the nano and touch, Apple already has broadly 'cheap' and 'fancy' iPod options, so it wouldn't entirely leave those without a lot of disposable wonga out in the cold.

The iPod was the gadget that put Apple on top of the gadget cool list way back in October 2001. Yep, that's ten years ago next month. Heavens, they grow up fast...

Feeling sentimental now we've heaped on the memories? Have a rootle round in your drawers and dig out your old iPod for a hug, or alternatively educate yourself with our complete history of the iPod.

Would you shed a tear if Apple whacked the iPod? Or are they obsolete tech now that smart phones can handle MP3s and video? Hit us with your iPod eulogies down in the comments, or on our Facebook page.