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Apple could face antitrust investigation in India

India's antitrust agency could soon be looking into whether Apple violated local competition laws in the rollout of the iPhone 4 there last month.

iPhone 4
Josh Miller/CNET

Apple could find itself the target of an antitrust probe in India after a complaint was lodged against it from an unnamed party, The Wall Street Journal reports.

The complaint specifically asks India's antitrust agency to investigate whether Apple broke India's Competition Act of 2002 in the rollout of the iPhone 4 by only making it available to certain carriers. Apple began selling the phone to Indian carrier outfits Bharti Airtel and Aircel on May 27.

Apple remains selective about what carriers it makes its devices available on, though the overall number continues to grow beyond 200 worldwide. Part of that has been due to the wireless technology within the device, with Apple only recently launching a CDMA version of the iPhone in February. Up until then, the company had used the more pervasive GSM bands.

The Journal noted that India's antitrust agency has not yet committed to beginning an investigation, nor does it have to do anything if it finds no violation.

"We may examine the complaint to see if [Apple] is violating any law," an unnamed official told the outlet.