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Apple cooking up curved-glass wristwatch, report says

The Californian company's next gadget could be a wrist-worn smart device, if new rumours are to be believed.

Apple's follow-up to the iPhone and iPad could be a bendy-glass wristwatch, if fresh rumours about the Californian company's plans are to be believed.

The New York Times cites "people familiar with the company's explorations" who say Apple is experimenting with the wondrous wristwatch, which is tipped to run on the firm's iOS platform, just like its smart phones and tablets.

Nothing else is known, but it's not too tough to imagine what an Apple watch might look like -- I'm picturing something akin to the 7th-generation iPod nano, but with a screen that shines out of a curved piece of glass.

I'd bung Siri on there, despite the fact that it's about as much use as a chocolate fireguard. Some kind of Maps app would be dead useful for finding your way around without having to fish your phone out your pockets.

Corning, the company known for making Gorilla-branded glass to sit on the front of smart phones, recently debuted its 'Willow Glass', which can be flexed into a gentle curve. If Apple's rumoured wrist-occupier is the real deal, expect it to use this kind of technology.

Apple has been rumoured to make a watch before. A report from December tipped the titillating timepiece to have a 1.5-inch OLED screen, though there was no mention of curved glass back then.

It's no secret that Apple's iPhone and iPad are now undergoing minor revisions with each subsequent iteration, with even co-founder Steve Wozniak saying that the firm is "behind" when it comes to smart phone features.

I suspect to see some real creativity from Apple we'll need to wait for a new product altogether. A TV and car have been mooted before, why not a wristwatch?

What would you like to see Tim Cook and pals crafting next? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.